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BMV property from PPS

Whether you’re a new investor or a seasoned investor you can purchase BMV property from PPS. BMV stands for Below Market Value meaning that the property is for sale for less than it is actually worth and you can purchase BMV property from PPS. For example, if you purchase a property worth £100,000 for £75,000 you have a £25,000 discount which is 25% below the market value.

Buying BMV property from PPS makes very good business sense because you will gain instant equity so the mortgage payments will be lower therefore, the profit from renting it out will be more. If you’re interested in purchasing BMV property from PPS please Contact Us. We have a selection of attractive BMV properties for sale and you can view them on the Latest Property Deals page.

Types of BMV property from PPS range from flats BMV property from PPSto detached houses but we mainly source 2 or 3 bedroom terraced / semi-detached houses valued between £50,000 – £150,000 with an average price of around £90,000. PPS believe that all properties need to have a good rental yield and a decent discount off the true open market value therefore, we do not restrict ourselves to certain properties.

Properties for sale with estate agents or at auctions offer far less BMV discount. Even though initially you might think auction properties would have a good discount, most properties at auction have structural defects making them costly to renovate and the properties in good condition normally have high interest so they tend to sell above the guide price. If you want to purchase good investment property, buying BMV property from PPS makes good business sense and we can also provide you with a complete sales pack. This includes full property management and lettings service, maintenance, refurbishment / decorating work and we also have in house mortgage brokers. If you would like to know more about the complete sales pack, you can visit our Investor FAQ page which should answer all your questions.

BMV property from PPS is sourced direct from homeowners, sometimes distressed or people struggling to sell. BMV property from PPS can be found nationwide and we try to aim for the most attractive rental area’s for investors, normally near major cities. All BMV property from PPS are exclusively available through us and are off market to any one else.

BMV property from PPS is not just available for investors. PPS have helped many first time buyers as well as people trying to get back on to the property ladder. Purchasing a BMV property from PPS with instant equity included is far easier, cheaper and makes more sense than buying property from more traditional routes. PPS will handle all the mortgage broker, solicitors and property queries saving you from dealing with stressful situations that you may not fully understand. If you are interested in BMV property from PPS please do not hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable and helpful advisers.

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BMV property from PPS

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